What is Structural Integration?

What is AcroYoga?


Structural Integration, or “SOMA”, is an 11 session format that supports the body to live harmoniously within an ever changing environment. It is a system of deep bodywork that works by way of the fascial (connective tissue) network, to release chronic, stored structural aberrations, and effectively realign the entire body.

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AcroYoga is a is a community-based practice that blends Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage. We ignite our potential as we support each other to reach new heights. Please allow your curiosity to come discover the full spectrum within yourself and try one of our classes on for size!!

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What is Somassage?

What is Thai Massage?


Somassage is a full body deep massage that was developed from the principles of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration®. The intention is to create an easeful upright posture, mobilized energy, increased flexibility, release of tension, and a deeper understanding that the body lives in a gravity field and is influenced by this force.

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Thai massage is a style of bodywork that is traditionally done on a Thai mat on the floor with the receiver fully clothed. Techniques explored are Thai deep tissue, passive stretching, range of motion, hot herbal compresses, as well as clear focused intent to open up the energy layers of the body. Come rejuvenate your soul!

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